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ascoe ralph Lauren of the fred hersch trio

A contrast of big moments and small http://www.ascoe.it/ gifts http://www.ascoe.it/ at monterey jazz festival You know you want to hear it from me, right?At least some kind of review like gesture from the Jazz girl/photogRapher who knows a whole bunch of people connected to the monterey Jazz festival scene.I do love sharing love with my peeps working the aisles, working the angles, and working while loving the music and its attendant scene.Let's not forget, we're all colorful personalities who populate this area's biggest event of the year.We're all part of the story, and here it goes from my point of view.Related:View a slideshow satisfaction is just a kiss away according to mick jagger, but for some people, it was hours away as they waited in line to pick up their tickets first thing friday evening at will call.My first thought when i saw it was, wow, great, tons of people buying tickets at the door.But i found out there were problems with delivering the tickets and it made for some unhappy moments at our happy event.All things must pass, and this eventually did.So sorry to hear of that issue early in the proceedings, but you know what they say, stuff happens.On an overall basis, my experience at the festival was a contrast of the big moments and the small gifts:The roaring arrival of Trombone shorty and orleans avenue in the mjf history books and the delicate beauty and artistry ascoe ralph Lauren of the fred hersch trio in the coffee house gallery, my two top picks from the weekend.Then there was the monumental commissioned piece for two quartets, written by billy childs and performed by his and the kronos quartets, juxtaposed to the lovely ukulele playing of jake shimabukuro.And i think we all might agree on the fabulousness of the harry connick jr.Performance, and the beauty and audacious playing of the gerald clayton trio.As is par for the course, i missed far too many sets that were of interest to me, but whenever i could, i saw dianne reeves, for she is a burst of sunshine.And i loved the roy hargrove big band and Jazz mafia's brass, bows and beats performances in dizzy's den.I've got to add also that the banners dRaped over the ceiling at the den made a huge difference in how good the music sounded.It really warmed the room and i am thankful for small wonders connected to the sound aspects of a performance.Generally speaking all the venues rated high in the sound department.Thank you guys and gals who work the boards.Musically, friday rocked with roy hargrove's big band and roberta gambarini on either of the stages.Did they not totally tear it up?I enjoyed seeing hargrove in this role, directing his talented band and making such strong musical statements.Did you notice how much fun they were having?You've got to admit roy looked adorable with his bowler hat, bow tie and spat style sneakers.And gambarini, wasn't she gorgeous in all the ways you want her to be?She was totally sexy and dressed to kill, and her beautiful voice came across with warmth and personality.Nellie mckay was adorable in her lovely ralph lauren style dress.She complied but puzzled the lovestruck youngster by verbally spelling it out as she wrote l i b e r a c e.She's pretty and funny.I had the best time of all hanging next to the garden stage for the entire Trombone shorty and orleans avenue set saturday afternoon.I got some fabulous photos, felt the music and troy"Trombone shorty"Andrews' energy course through my veins, and moved and grooved with his beat heavy music together with everyone around me.And that means the entire packed to the heavens space we all inhabited that special afternoon.I think we can say there is a new Jazz mick jagger on the scene.Oh, and a new record was set for cd sales at the festival. "Backatown,"The new ts oa release sold 626 copies.There would have been more, but the 300 that best buy had and the 326 in the band's bus were all there was to be sold.The top notch level of andrews' trumpet and trombone playing and vocal abilities were electrifying.Hargrove stood side stage with his pals the entire time grooving to the music.And one of the funnier moments came as andrews sang"Let's get it on. "As things heated up and the mood got downright steamy, a condom came whizzing over my head onto the stage.Whoever happened to see it burst into laughter, including the guitarist who stood right near where it landed.Did you think it kind of strange having people lining the midway with baskets of condoms offering them to everyone?I'm all for safety first, but somehow it just felt out of place at this event.Maybe not though.Being that the weekend is a double sided mirror for me, serving both as a birthday celebration and a music party, i was not making the scene at any of the after parties, except those of my own making.The festival's wRap party was a pleasure, and if i didn't say so before, thank you to all of the folks who work behind the scenes making this event the special time it is for so many people, 40, 000 total according to mjf.Next year is only another kiss away.Friday pato banton w/the now generation band(Reggae), Moe's Alley, 21+.Friday paula poundstone(Comedienne), Rio Theatre by Pulse Productions, all ages.Jam band), Moe's Alley, 21+.Saturday collie buddz, plus 3 openers(Reggae), The Catalyst, 16+.Sunday ice cube(Rap), plus Los Rakas, The Catalyst, 16+.Monday lee konitz new quartet(Jazz), Kuumbwa Jazz Center, all ages.

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