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christian louboutin outlet uk entry to be a part

Forward for one jacksonville woman Jacksonville, tx april wright started"Project prom"To give five girls at jacksonville high school a chance to do something she never got to do her christian louboutin mens shoes senior prom. The goal of prom is the help these girls attend christian louboutin peep-toe-pump prom free of charge. Write never got the chance to attend her high school prom because she says she was always in and out of school due to her sickness.She was faced with devastating medical news when she started high school.Wright says,"When i started the ninth grade i found out that i had the brain tumor. "And unfortunately christian louboutin boots that was just one of the many tumors doctors would find at april young body.Wright says,"There were 36 tumors in my thyroid and parathyroid glands, and last october i found out that i have nine malignant tumors in my pancreas. " Wright was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called multiple endocrine neoplasia, which causes tumors to run ramped throughout her entire body.There is no cure, and she has no control over this disease. Her sickness was debilitating her social life in high school, and she always dreamed about going to prom but since she never got the chance, she says prom is her way of paying it forward,"I want to give that opportunity to a girl who wouldn otherwise be able to go to prom. " April mother, opal lewis, says april has never lets her sickness prevent her from living life or helping others.Lewis says, sickness that april has is a very cruel disease.It really heartbreaking to watch your child suffer, april suffered, she suffered a lot but she gets up and puts one foot in front of the other, and she does want to give back she got the best heart. " Wright surrounds herself with reminders of what motivates her, her faith.She says that what lead her to do this project.Really feel like god put it on my heart to just give back to the community, to other girls. " If you are interested in donating or sumbitting an christian louboutin outlet uk entry to be a part of"Project prom"Here is the information you need: Anyone senior girl can apply;All you will need is a letter of recommendation written for you by a teacher or upstanding member of the community explaining why you deserve to be involved with"Project prom"

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