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louis vuitton womens retirement

What is difference between pitbull gay man or lesbian Lately economy sucks!Constantly absurd things have been happening.Economy has been so bad even mexicans stopped moving to usa.Gee!Immigration problem is solved!Stock market is like taking drugs!One day it gets high!The other day it gets in withdrawn.Since economy is in a shithole, it made z think!What would it happen, if gay folks were majority once in a while instead of minority.Imagine that!Would economy be in this trout deep mess?No!We would do things much better.Well!Z says make it gay!If gay folks would take over senate house, freddie fannie would have never flushed down to toilet.No way!You know those lesbians how thrifty they are.They would have never given away bad loans.Frankly for gay man it would depend on how cute borrower was. 2)Freddie fannie!How old fashion these names are!We would change their names to elton ellen.There is no doubt! 3)Imagine!Newspaper headlines!Is the difference between a pitbull a gay man?Moisturizing!What is the difference between a pitbull a lesbian?Oversized flannel shirt! louis vuitton shop online uk 4)Bridge to nowhere would be changed to either the bridge to fire island or provincetown! 5)Of course there would be bunch of tax cuts for middle class families under our administration.We also would give away gucci shades for every woman and louis vuitton wallet(Or umbrella)For every man once a year.Well!People must look classy! 6)Gays absolutely improve health care system.In addition to that we cheap louis vuitton bags for sale would make gym membership expenses tax deductible, in order to decrease obesity. (Of course as well as janie craig, weight watchers expenses etc. )Not to mention!Under this package david barton gym would get the biggest earmark! 7)When lehman brothers bankrupt, gay folks would have definitely bailed them out and kicked dummy ceo out giving without a penny.We would have definitely restructured lehman brothers and changed its name to abercrombie twins. 8)We wouldn have let fao schwarz bankrupt.We would have redefined the company as mega adult toy store.It could have been the most efficient profitable company on earth.We would have called it fag schwarz! http://www.theaep.co.uk/ 9)How about toysforus best buy?They would be called topsforus best bi! 10)Saving saving!We would encourage american families to save more for their louis vuitton womens retirement.We would create another account which is called 401b.Hey hello!B stands for botox!Come on!Who would want to die wrinkled ugly anyway? !Everyone could use some tax free money for plastic surgery This list can go on and on.Still some people underestimate gay people, but under our administration world would have been better more beautiful place to live in.

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