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Am i the only one that likes the watch Jump to contentmy subreddits Limit my search to /r/appleuse the following search parameters to narrow your results:See the search faq for details. I really like it too;But the more i think about michael kors australia outlet it there is one critical piece that keeps nagging at me. When i think of an iphone/ipad, i am purchasing it for a limited cycle(I don expect to keep the device for more than 3 years).When i buy a watch, i wanting to buy something that will last 10+ years. Beyond the fact that technology will advance, and the battery only lasts so long, i wonder how long apple will support it.I michael kors online outlet mean, they made it backwards compatible to the iphone 5;And of course works with the iphone 6;But will it work with the iphone 9?The iphone 10? My main reason for this concern, is that i really like the"Edition"Versions.They are beautiful.18k Gold.However, i assume if the starting price for the base model is $349, that these are going to be a premium item.I don mind paying hundreds for a beautiful watch, but harder to do when you assume it has maybe only a 5 year lifespan? As it stands, i might still look at the $349 base model, since that about all i would cheap michael kors bags want to spend on a device that will probably need to be replaced 3 5 years down the line. This is, of course, also a challenge with all watches.I like the idea of just having this watch and the different bands to suit my needs but i not sure about being basically on a payment plan with apple.I could justify the price if it my main watch comparing it to what i would be spending on other watches but those last decades.I still wear my dad watch for work and it easily 15 years old and it looks great.Still it does seem like it would be fun as hell to own one and i could forget all of this as soon as i slap one of those on my wrist. By the time christmas 2015 rolls around, how will the first gen watch stack up against the competition?I do believe that apple is building the device with the future in mind, and(Traditionally)They not been one to worry about keeping up with the joneses.We see how far ahead of the curve the device is once it ships. I think that there no other way to view the device than an iphone accessory today but have to wonder how long it be until it not reliant on an iphone.Will it play with other smartphones?Will you ever be able to just set it up online, no smartphone required? It be fun to see where they take this.I a total fanboy, but i may force myself to hold off buying one until the second iteration drops.But how long will that be.

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