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michael kors replica handbags australia shirt

How to pack cheap michael kors michael kors bags outlet store ironed shirts

Hi, i'm sarah yonover, creator and founder of hipknoties multiway garment and i'm here today at lexi salon and boutique in phoenix, arizona.Today i'm going to show you how to pack an ironed shirt to avoid as many wrinkles as possible.So when you get your clothes back from the dry cleaner quite often you want to throw the plastic bags away, don't get rid of them so quickly, hold onto them and when packing, place one underneath the shirt that you are going to be folding and take your second bag placing it on the back, making sure all of your buttons are buttoned on the front of the shirt to keep your shirt straight.Taking one side at a time you are going to fold it inward about a third making sure to keep any wrinkles out.Doing mk handbags outlet australia the same thing with your sleeve, folding that up into thirds as well.I like to place a dryer sheet often between the plastic and my shirt to keep the fresh smell as well as keeping the wrinkles out.Take your second side, mate it to the first side, mirroring the exact same thing by folding your sleeve into thirds and then taking the bottom of your michael kors replica handbags australia shirt, folding that up into thirds and then bringing it to the top.The reason we place plastic between the garment is to avoid any creasing and to create an air pocket between your clothing.Lastly with your plastic that's below you can bring that up to wrap around your shirt and then layer any other pieces you want to put into your suitcase.And that is how you can pack an ironed shirt.My name is sarah yonover.Thank you for watching and for any information about me or my products, please click on my bio.

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